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Servicing the following areas: Clean and inspect solar panels, Rockingham, Mandurah, Pinjarra, kwinana, Dawesville, Baldivis, Byford, Secret Harbour, Halls Head, Madora Bay. Prices start from just $90.00

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Why clean solar panels?

"Clean panels = efficient panels"

It is a big investment, why would you not keep them maintained!

By not regularly cleaning and inspecting solar panels, it can cost you real dollars.

  • For optimal electrical output and longevity, it is recommended by "solar panel manufacturers" to clean and inspect solar panels.
  • Hard shading, like bird droppings , can lead to "hot spots" on solar panels which can and does permanently damage solar panels.
  • Lack of maintenance may void warranties.
  • View our photo gallery, photo's are much better than words.                                                                                              

For more info: Click on "Panel care" at the top of this page.

Why inspect solar arrays?

Over time DC cabling support, ie: cable ties, can fail, allowing cabling to rub/abrade on objects and in time cause safety issues.

Earthing cables and lugs must be tightly fastened and intact.

Although rare, brackets that hold panels to the framing can loosen.

Soft or hard shading, like trees or shrubs, can have a detrimental effect on power

output and longevity of solar panels.

Solar panels can and do fail, we inspect your panels to make sure they are in good working condition.

For more info: Click on "Panel care" at the top of this page.

Why does Seabreeze only clean single story buildings?

Due to being a sole operator of this business, I have a due care of safety, not only for myself, but for the safety of my clients as well. Working on two story buildings requires, for safety reasons, harnesses, attachment points and a second person to act as a spotter/rescuer in case of falls and entanglements of fall arrest systems. For me, safety is paramount.

Where is our business located?

Our business is located in Waikiki, Western Australia. We mainly deliver our services in the southern corridor.

This map shows the approximate coverage of our services.

We do, and will travel further afield, although a minimal surcharge will apply. 

Seabreeze solar panel cleaning service

Pricing & Discounts

Pricing starts from only $90.00

We do pensioner discounts.

Book with a neighbor to have your solar panels cleaned and you both receive a discount. (conditions apply).

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