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Facts and Myths!

Is solar panel cleaning a waste of time

Facts and myths!

Myth: Rain completely cleans solar panels. Pictures can paint a thousand words. This photo was taken mid winter in June 2018 where the previous two months had 165mm of rain.

Fact: Rain has some effect on cleaning panels. Rain does remove loose dust that accumulates. It also removes some layers of bird droppings, but does not remove all hard soiling.

Facts and myths!

Myth: Panels that are on an angle of more than 10 degrees, self clean.


Fact: Over 95% of the panels I have cleaned are at a minimum angle of 17 degrees and do not completely self clean. The panels to the left were at an 18 degree pitch. If you look at the bottom left hand corner of the photo and you will notice a build up of grime that has hardened and adhered to the panel in between periodical light rain showers. 

Just myths!!!

Some people and a few internet sites say 'don't bother to maintain your solar system, it is just not worth it !!!!!

Myth: Solar panel systems don't require any maintenance.

My suggestion is, check your solar panel owners manual, their opinion is the one that matters. Only they supply the warranty to your system.

"Jinko" solar panels are regarded by some, to be one of the best solar panel manufacturers. Below is what they say about maintenance on their panels.

4. Maintenance and care

a) A built up of dust or dirt on the module(s) front glass will result in a decreased energy output. Clean the module(s) preferably once annually if possible (depend on site conditions) using a soft cloth dry or damp, as necessary.

b) Never use abrasive material under any circumstances.

c) Examine the PV module(s) for signs of deterioration. Check all wiring for possible rodent damage, weathering and that all connections are tight and corrosion free. Check electrical leakage to ground. d) Check fixing screws and mounting brackets are tight, adjust and tighten as necessary.

e) Check the junction box and diodes are well. If you have any diodes problem, please contact Jinko Solar. f) When cleaning the modules, it is not allowed to stand on the modules. 

Left wanting, or thirsty for more in depth information on the importance of solar panel cleaning?

Read what the research experts say.

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