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Now and then people question us about the validity of solar panel cleaning, and so they should.

Solar panel cleaning and maintenance also has it's critics. For us though, there are no negatives only positives. Whether you employ our business to clean and inspect your system, or whether you do it yourself, we know that in the long run you and your system will benefit.

(If you decide to do your own clean and inspection, please make sure you follow all the manufactures maintenance recommendations).

For us knowledge is a good thing, but at the same time, too little or lack of knowledge can, turn good information into a blurred and confusing message.

Below are some links that we believe achieve a good understanding about why solar panel cleaning and maintenance is very important.

Some links are short but informative, while others are very in depth and require some time to read and absorb "all " the information to get a good understanding of their research.

We hope you enjoy!  

Quotes from the researcher.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are investigating what causes solar panels to lose efficiency and what can be done to improve their performance.

This is a very informative video. It may take a little time to load, but worthwhile to watch.

Quotes from the research.

Generally speaking, cleaning methods of photovoltaic surface has not been in the centre of attention among the researchers. This

lack of attention can stem from the idea that the amount of rainfall in the region is sufficient to clean the PV surface. On contrary,

soiling can have a sever effect on energy yield even in areas with significant rainfall. From review of literature and online sources,

PV module cleaning methods can be categorized as follows

Quotes from the research.

Bird droppings were frequently observed on every modules and were removed from the dirty cells. This was done because

bird droppings were not part of soling loss studies and would jeopardize the entire experiment.

Quotes from the research.

[14]. Table 1, compares soil effect various locations around the world. It can been seen in the table that majority of the studies are done in USA and Asian countries. Technically, Dust reduces output power from PV between 2% until 50% in different area. In Asian reign most of the dust martials is sand and soil and also in African countries dust come from desert area which accumulating on the surface.

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