Seabreeze Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Clean Panels = Efficient Panels         Phone:  0447992600

Seabreeze Solar Panel Cleaning Service; Clean panels = Efficient panels

Quality cleaning system

Quality and professional equipment is paramount for us!

Seabreeze Solar Panel Cleaning Service ensures that it has industry  best equipment to safely and efficiently clean your solar panels. After all, our clients deserve the best.

Specialising in single story only residential dwellings.
We are a small family owned business that takes pride and care in our work.
Ensuring that we only use the best equipment to professionally and safely       clean your solar panels. Using industry best water fed poles and water fed brushes, that are designed to clean but not scratch glass or glass coatings, and quality water filtering systems.                                                                                                       
Firstly your inverter system is checked for any faults. Panels and wiring are inspected for any damage. We then proceed with cleaning  the panels with scheme water, via a two stage 5 micron set of "shield" filters. Then your panels have their final clean and rinse with pure water through a 3 stage filter system, then through a de-ionization water purification system, giving you streak and spot free panels.

Our preference is to be environmentally friendly and only use water to clean panels, we believe that patience is the best way to clean. In some circumstances we may have to use a ph neutral and bio degradable cleaning solution if very stubborn soiling or oil is present on the panels.

2 Stage Pre  filter for removing chemicals

Pre-filtering is the start of the cleaning process:

We only want to use the best quality water possible to clean your solar panels. During the initial stage of washing your solar panels, water is filtered via 2 fast flow "shield filters", the first removes any solids greater than 5um. the second, a carbon filter removes any residual chemicals, ie: chlorine and fluoride. This is great if you have rain water tanks.


De- Ionizing filter for pure clean water
Final stage "De-Ionizing" water purification system:

estern Australia has some of the hardest water in Australia, we want to give our client's solar panels the best clean possible, so we believe this system is a must.
The world famous GO H2O PRO, CS 12.5L deionization system, producing spot-free water that will not leave any spotting on solar panels. The ultimate solar panel cleaning tool!

Deionization (DI) is a very convenient and cost-effective water filtration process for producing highly purified water on demand for solar panel cleaning. By definition, deionization, often called DI for short, is the removal of all ionized minerals and salts (both organic and inorganic) from water through the process of ion exchange. Because most non-particulate water impurities are dissolved salts, deionization produces high purity water that is generally similar to distilled water, but compared to distillation, deionization is much faster, less energy-intensive, and more cost-effective. In addition, it is an on-demand process that supplies large amounts of highly purified water as needed.


Deionization removes total dissolved solids (TDS) from water using ion exchange resins, controlling the electric charge of ions in the water to remove the TDS. Much like a positively charged magnet will attract a negatively charged magnet, DI resins attract non-water ions and replace them with water ions, producing a more purified water.

Water fed brushes and poles

Brushes and poles:

All of our water fed brushes and poles are made by  ALPHA.
Fully extended, we can reach panels up to 9.5 metres.

Designed to clean, but not scratch.

NEW Alpha Shifter does all the hard work.  The Alpha Shifter 308 and 427 brushes are all you need. Shifter Brush V-jets are designed to rinse while brush is in contact with glass.

The best and easiest WFP  brush for commercial and residential, designed
with high quality polyester and nylon bristles (not cheaper  polypropylene).