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"Our cleaning system"

    Quality and professional equipment is paramount !

Specialising in single story only and residential dwellings.

We are a small family owned business that takes pride and care in our work.


Ensuring that we only use the best equipment:

Our cleaning system has been designed by using Solar panel manufacturers best practice methods and recommendations of Solar panel maintenance requirements.

We believe to professionally and safely clean your solar panels we only use industry best water fed poles and water fed brushes, that are designed to clean but not scratch glass or glass coatings, and quality water filtering systems.


2 x dedicated Alpha Shifter brushes; 1st large brush for initial cleaning with filtered water, 2nd smaller brush dedicated for rinsing with Dionised water only. The ultimate water fed glass and solar cleaning brushes. Designed with high quality polyester and nylon bristles (not cheaper polypropylene).
Alpha extension poles and adjustable fittings; Fully adjustable to 9 meters in length and fully adjustable brush heads for complete contact to panels on any angle.
Separate dedicated supply hoses for filtered and Di water; Water savings by not having to rinse a single hose system from filtered to Di water. 3 differing size hoses 12mm inside diameter (ID) @ 30mtrs long, 6mm ID @ 100mtrs long and 5.5mm ID @20mtrs long all of which are designed to keep water pressure up to the brush heads, but to also allow the water to  reach closer to ambient temperature before reaching your panels. 
WWWCS  water treatment system; Designed to remove all total dissolved solids from scheme water, a quick and effective way to make large volumes of distilled water.
  1. Thermax Tulsion hard water mixed blend PH neutral resin;

    Unique blend of nuclear-grade Thermax anion and cation resin specially designed for WWWCS & RHG water treatment systems in hard water areas.

    Mixed bed resin to give a spot-free finish.

High Quality Shield big blue filters; 10''x4.5'' Big Blue Water Filter (5um Sediment & 0.5um Coconut Carbon)


Warning! we do not use or recommend the following cleaning materials.

Any non PH neutral cleaning detergents: IE Alkali or acidic.

Any detergents designed for window cleaning.

Any Single bed Di resins that either have a make up of only Alkali or Acidic cleaning attributes.

Hard bristle brushes.

High pressure water cleaners.

Any chemical based solvents.

The above mentioned products can be either detrimental to hydrophobic or anti reflective coatings that are used by Solar Panel manufacturers, or can cause irreversible internal damage to Solar Panel components through high pressure water ingress.   

                                                                             The cleaning process


Your inverter is checked for any faults.

Before gaining access to your roof, gutter protectors are put in place for standard ladder access or an adjustable platform ladder is used.

We then proceed with  inspecting Panels and DC wiring for any issues or damage.

The first stage of cleaning the panels is with scheme water, via a two stage 5 micron and 0.5 micron set of "shield" filters. Each panel has a complete top to bottom clean at least 3 times, your panels then have their final clean and rinse through a 2 stage filter system and then through a Ph neutral mixed bed resin de-ionization water purification system, giving you clean, streak and spot free panels.

Our preference is to be environmentally friendly and only use pre filtered and Di-water to clean panels, we believe that patience is the best way to clean. In some circumstances we may have to use an environmentally safe PH neutral and bio degradable cleaning solution if stubborn soiling is present on the panels.

           So why do we use this style of cleaning system

If, you the client, are paying for a professional to clean your solar panels, this is type of cleaning system you should expect to be used.


Being that Western Australia's scheme water is known as some of the hardest water in Australia, ranging from low 100's ppm to high 400's ppm of total dissolved solids, in and around the southern corridors of the Perth metropolitan areas.


By using unfiltered scheme water alone to clean solar panels and then allowing the water to evaporate naturally, total dissolved solids are left behind creating a fine layer of salts, other minerals and chemicals on the surface of the panels. This allows dust, dirt and other types of soiling to happily and easily take a hold on your panels as soon as they have dried after being cleaned.


When using unfiltered scheme water and detergents you get a similar outcome, but if you don't rinse off the detergent properly the panels dry and  are left with a sticky residue from the detergent causing your panels to become dirtier quicker and harder to clean the next time.


Using the correct Dionised water cleaning systems ensures your solar panels are final rinsed with PH neutral mixed bed resins for removing total dissolved solids gives your panels a streak free clean.


We use adjustable water fed brushes simply because they allow a constant and adjustable amount of water to safely remove the soiling and clean the panels without damaging the surface coatings. We use adjustable water fed poles so we can safely and easily reach your solar panels without standing on your solar panels, which can cause irreversible damage to internal parts of the panels.


The hose system we use has great all round advantages.

At full open valve pressure (which is very rarely used) we use under 50% of the available water that your house tap can provide, saving water usage compared to a standard 12mm garden hose.

On and off valves are  located on the end of the 6.5mm ID hose, which is close to the operator, allowing full control close to the cleaning area.

Longer and smaller outside diameter and inside diameter hoses, along with slower feed pressure, allows water to achieve closer to ambient temperatures before flowing out of the brush heads,  protecting the glass panels from temperature shock in hot weather.

Lighter hoses make it much safer and easier for the operator to use when on roofs than traditional heavier 12mm ID garden hoses.


So in a nut shell that's why I designed and use this type of cleaning system. If you are searching for quotes to get your solar panels cleaned by a professional, then by all means use this as a measuring stick.


A good knowledgeable professional operator, a fit for purpose cleaning system and a reasonable charge rate = value for money.

A cheap rate, a house broom, unknown chemicals in the detergent and a garden hose, or using a pressure washer = not value for money.


Though of course, if you clean your own solar panels then this type of system would not be a cost effective purchase for a once or twice a year usage. If you get heavy soiling you just have to clean your panels more frequently.

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