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  • Darrell Veal

Important care for your solar panel investment

Once your solar panels are installed and generating power, there is not much that needs to be done. To keep them operating at their best, a yearly inspection and clean are what manufacturers normally recommend.

But recently I have been recieving a few calls from residents and some roof painters to clean solar panels that have been oversprayed with paint. Now I'm no rocket scientist, but I know that paint and solar panels don't mix. The issue with dealing with this problem is quiet simple.

If or when you are enquiring about getting your roof painted and you have solar panels, ask  the painting company if they cover and protect your panels from overspray. If they say you don't need to cover your panels, get a painter that does, or get them to give you a rock solid guarantee that no paint will end up on your panels. Because correctly removing overspray that has adhered to solar panels is not an easy or cost effective task.

Many solar panels have specialised coatings applied to the front glass of the panel, whether it be a reflective, hydrophobic or other types, and although the coatings are designed to be quite tough, they are not however designed to withstand steel scrappers or harsh chemicals that are designed to chemically break down paint. My only suggestion would be a clay bar, clay mitt or the like, and go gentle because once you damage the panel coating, you can kiss your warranty goodbye.

One of the biggest recomendations I can give to owners that have solar panels on their roof is ,no matter what the case, if you are getting any job done on your roof, speak to the contractor about the care of your solar panels. Tv aerials, tv dishes and even roof vents that are placed over or near your solar panels can cast shadows onto your solar panels, which can greatly effect the performance of the whole array. Tv aerials are a great place for birds to land and inspect the surroundings. If they are placed above your solar panels, birds get great delight in leaving you gifts from their rear end, that can severley effect the output and can eventually damage your solar panels.

You have spent your hard earned money on your solar panels, make sure you do all you can to protect your investment.

Clean panels = efficient panels

Prevention is far better than the cure.           

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