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  • Darrell Veal

Is yearly Solar Panel cleaning and maintenance checks a waste of time?

Only if you listen to the misinformed, uneducated or the key board Warriors that waffle and baffle you with their writing skills and think they are doing the right thing by their freinds or their readers.

Most if not all Solar Panel Manufacturers have maintenance schedules or a maintenance and care section in their operating manuals, so why do they do this? Basically in a nut shell, they know that products that are well maintained out last and outperform products that are not maintained, it not a conspiracy as some think, it's just common knowledge.

Clean panels = Efficient panels, Maintainted solar panels = safe Solar Panels, it's that simple.

Since starting "Seabreeze Solar Panel Cleaning Service' in early 2017 I have cleaned and inspected many many hundreds of solar panels, have spent many hours reading scientific papers on the effects of solar panel soiling, shading and other environmental factors, there is so much info on-line, depending on who wrote it, it will either help or confuse you.

So instead of showing you fantastic data, incredible graphs or unbelievable percentive gains, I thought I would post a couple of my own on the job images I have taken, and show you why Solar Panel manufacturers state that maintenance and solar panel cleaning is important in the real world.Whether you use a professional or clean and inspect your own solar system yourself (make sure you follow manufacturers recomendations) there are far more gains than losses.

For more in depth information and photos feel free to check out my website.



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